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Marley Floor

Rental and Installation

Rosco Adagio Marley Floor.

The controlled slip vinyl surface makes it equally successful as a ballet, modern, tap and jazz floor.  Rosco Marley floors are high quality professional flooring made especially for dance performance and dance studios. 

We offer the additional service of  installation  and supply the tape, marley floor and labor. We put it down before your event, and strike the floor after. 

I have  6 rolls of marley measuring:

* 40 feet long

* 5  feet wide

The floor when laid will fill the stage area 

with a floor up to 40 feet long by 30 foot depth.

The floor can be laid in a studio,  black box,  stage or anywhere that has has  a hard floor on which to lay it.  Not recommended on top of carpet.

For pricing, contact me for a quote.

The "ball park" pricing is

200 per day 

150 per half day (0-5 hours if more than one day)

$150 additional for installation and breakdown 

HALF PRICE PACKAGE! If I am also doing your concession, get half off marely rental and installation!

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